Manila ranks 39<sup>th</sup> out of 50 cities in pandemic resilience list

Manila ranks 39th out of 50 cities in pandemic resilience list

Manila placed 39th of 50 cities included in the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic resiliency ranking by consultancy agency Deep Knowledge Analytics. The Pandemic-Resilient Cities Ranking 2022 report evaluates target cities in six municipal pandemic response functions (categories), and each of these functions comprises multiple indicator* groups (31 in total), which in turn consist of several indicators. “The Philippines acted quickly to combat the virus imposing Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Manila and other high-risk regions. The country implemented a set of support measures for households and businesses to help navigate the ECQ, such as an emergency subsidy program for Filipino families and wage supplements to employees of small businesses,” the report said. The Philippine capital scored 56.83 out of a perfect score of 100. Manila also ranked 4th in terms of “Quarantine Efficiency” with a score of 75.11 but scored the lowest in “Economic Resilience” at 49th place with 41.70.

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