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Mars Wrigley to invest $2M yearly in next 3-4 years

CONFECTIONERY manufacturer Mars Wrigley is aiming to invest $2 million annually for the next three to four years in a bid to improve the production and sustainability of its factory in Antipolo City.

Fernando del Castillo, Mars Wrigley’s Antipolo factory director, said in an interview on the sidelines of a facility tour last week that the company is aiming to improve the competitiveness of its production.

“We’re spending $2 million this year and next year we’re also spending $2 million. We are spending $2 million [annually] for the next three to four years. We want to make sure that we have a competitive factory here in the Philippines, that we are growing and employing more people,” he said.

According to Mr. del Castillo, the investments are eyed to improve the safety and sustainability of the factory’s production.

“We have a vision for the next three to five years. A lot of the investment that we’re doing is into improving technology around safety — improving the equipment when it comes to quality and food safety to level up. It also has a big focus on accelerating sustainability initiatives such as our biomass project [and] improved chillers,” he said.

Mars Wrigley is aiming to begin the operation of its biomass boiler project by October next year, which will allow its Antipolo factory to become fully powered by renewable energy.

Mr. del Castillo said the Antipolo factory is currently at 70% production capacity and is looking at new opportunities to increase the factory’s output. He declined to provide specific numbers on the company’s plan to boost production capacity.

The Antipolo factory is capable of producing 30 tons of various products. The factory currently produces gum brands such as Doublemint, Juicy Fruit, and Cool Air.

“We’re about 70% production capacity at the moment [in the Antipolo factory]. We still have lots of opportunity for additional volume,” Mr. del Castillo said.

“Even with the new opportunities that we’re seeing, which is how do we bring up additional capabilities beyond what we’re already doing, I will be able to share about that more in the future,” he added. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave

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